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By: Mozzie the Mosquito

Countdown to the Champion Summit: What *Is* the Champion Summit?

June 7, 2017
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Mozzie the Mosquito, the official Nothing But Nets mascot, is determined to give you VIP, backstage access to the Nothing But Nets headquarters, bringing you all the juicy behind-the-scenes planning action for the upcoming Champion Summit.

Persistence is his key strength, so join Mozzie as he investigates all things #ChampionSummit and keeps you up to date with developments over the next few months – think: speaker announcements, giveaways, interviews with new and returning champions and fun facts about Washington, DC!

While buzzing around the office, Mozzie was able to secure an exclusive interview with the grassroots members of the Nothing But Nets team. Check out some of the first leaked details about the Champion Summit…

Mozzie: What is the Champion Summit and why have you decided to host it?

Dan: The Champion Summit is an opportunity each year for us to bring all of our best supporters to DC for a couple of days of training and strategizing so that they feel really connected to the campaign.

Sarah: It’s also the one time of year to bring a huge mass of people to Capitol Hill to advocate to their members of Congress to talk about why funding for malaria is so important!

Dan: I’ll add that as this is only our second Summit ever, we are trying to think through how we are going to make this Summit bigger, better, more nuanced…

Sarah: That’s right – we will have different tracks for new and returning Champions and are really trying to incorporate the feedback we got from last year to make it as strong as possible.

Mozzie: When and where is all the fun happening?

Dan: The Champion Summit is from February 21 to 23 at the Washington Marriott Hotel Georgetown, Washington D.C.

Mozzie: What are you hoping Nothing But Nets Champions will get from the Champion Summit?

Sarah: Oh so much! I hope that Champions will get a deeper understanding of our three campaign goals – everything from Champion building to how to better engage members of their communities to being effective fundraisers.

Dan: Also a larger scale takeaway we hope is that people will connect with one another, feel connected to the campaign and most importantly, feel connected to the issues.

Sarah: I hope that they will feel like the experts in some ways because they are going to know more about this issue than probably 95% of Americans. It’s a cool opportunity to connect with lots of interesting people, that’s for sure!

Mozzie: What is the best way for Champions and supporters to keep up to date with all things #ChampionSummit?

Dan: Keeping abreast of the emails we send you will be the easiest way to know what is coming up. Remember, you can always email us with any questions!

Sarah: Make sure you fill out the survey – we are really going to take a lot of the feedback we get and incorporate it into the Summit.

Dan: Keep an eye on social channels – The Mozzie Facebook group, memes, videos and twitter….there are going to be lots of cool ways to share updates with friends and family.

Sarah: In addition to that, closer to the Summit we will be having training calls that make people feel like they are primed for the Summit, especially some of the deeper level information around eradicating malaria.

Dan: Hopefully you won’t be sick of us by the time the Summit actually comes around in February…

Mozzie: If you weren’t allowed to use Google for a week, what would be your alternative source of information about malaria?

Dan: Err… can I ask someone else to search stuff on Google for me?

Sarah: The New Yorker and books! Also conferences—recently we’ve been so lucky to participate in the Social Good Summit in New York City to learn about the new Global Goals to end extreme poverty. We hope we can bring that experience to the Summit.

Mozzie: Being Mozzie is pretty great, I get to champion the fight to defeat malaria…if you were a superhero (like me) what superpower would you choose?

Sarah: Hmm… invisibility, superhuman strength, healing, superhuman endurance, time travel, water breathing…. Let’s just go with reading other people’s minds.

Dan: Yeah. But did you see that Mel Gibson movie, What Women Want? It didn’t work out too well for him…I’d totally do time travel.

Sarah: I’m sticking with telepathy. 

Mozzie: Over the coming months will you keep me updated on speaker announcements and other exciting developments?

Dan: Absolutely. We are also really counting on Champion feedback about what kind of Summit you want, so don’t forget those surveys!

Mozzie: Great chatting with you as always. Awesome job on all the hard work so far. It’s going to be fantastic! 

Learn more about how to join us at our Champion Summit here. 

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