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By: Mandy Moore

Day 1 in Cameroon: The Need is Clear

June 12, 2017
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Today I landed in Yaounde, Cameroon.

It’s an incredible feeling — Cameroon is preparing for its largest ever mosquito net distribution. The nets will help protect hundreds of thousands of families from malaria, the leading cause of death in Cameroon, and I’m really glad to be playing a role in this historic campaign to save lives.

Over the next four days, I’ll write about my experiences on the ground and share some of what I learn and a few stories about the people I meet and how malaria impacts the people of Cameroon.

I’m looking forward to meeting the many different people leading Cameroon’s fight against malaria. Everyone from the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health, to the doctors and community health workers, and the families and children who are most vulnerable to malaria. 

Even on my first day here, it’s clear: families need the nets you’re sending. In just the last five years, malaria rates have tripled — and it’s because Cameroonians haven’t had the mosquito nets they need. Please join Nothing But Nets and help us reach our goal of sending 225,000 life-saving nets in time for this country-wide distribution — a huge step toward reaching the global goal of ending deaths from malaria by 2015.

It just takes $10 — Send a net. Save a life. 
More to come tomorrow!


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