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By: Ingrid Madden

DC local Katherine Kennedy hosts a happy hour for Nets

June 15, 2017
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We had a great time at Katherine Kennedy’s Nothing But Nets happy hour last night at Skye Lounge in Washington, D.C.  Katherine is a young philanthropist and star of the upcoming reality show “Blonde Charity Mafia.” She reached out to her NET-works via Facebook, Twitter, and blogs to spread the word about malaria and to garner support for Nothing But Nets.

A big crowd showed up at the club to support the campaign and learn more about malaria and how they can get involved. A $10 cover charge went towards the purchase and delivery of a bed net! Throughout the night, Mozzie the Mosquito buzzed about as young professionals from all around DC mingled for a cause.

It was awesome to see Katherine and Washingtonians mingle and talk about malaria. Other local partners at the event included Councilman Jack Evans who, earlier in the week, helped us officially proclaim June 13-23 “Nothing But Nets Week” in the District of Columbia. Midway through the night, Nothing But Nets Executive Director Elizabeth Gore joined us to thank everyone who contributed to the cause and gave away some great prizes and donated items. When all was said and done, the night was a huge success for Nothing But Nets and for Katherine Kennedy. Even better, we raised more than $2,450 to send life-saving bed nets to children and refugees in Africa.

Thank you to Katherine and to everyone who joined us last night!

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