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By: Amy Jensen

Display Bed Nets in the Store!

June 12, 2017
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Many of you have asked for bed nets to have on display during your fundraisers and events.  We know this can be great way to spread the buzz about malaria and Nothing But Nets. We’ve found that they help attract curious passersby and are very useful as a visual aid. Well, you asked — and now you can purchase a display bed net in our online store!

These nets were generously donated by the US Army and are meant for display only. They are too small to cover a family and are not treated with an insecticide, which means that they can’t be sent for use in Africa. (To learn more about the insecticide-treated nets we CAN send, click here!)

Each time you purchase one of these display nets, you’ll also be sending a net and saving a life. 100% of your purchase price will go toward sending life-saving bed nets to protect families from malaria in Africa. To help spread the buzz your next event, please free to check out our store and purchase a display net!

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