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By: Amy Jensen

Drawing the Curtains on Mosquitoes

June 12, 2017
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Nigerian mosquitoes will have a tougher time spreading disease, thanks to a new product in development by our partner, Vestergaard Frandsen: Net Curtains. These curtains will be similar to life-saving bed nets because they are treated with an insecticide that kills the insects that land on it. This extra layer of protection will help families during the day, when they do not have the coverage of their bed nets. And, since the curtains come in different colors, they can help brighten up a home!

Now, these curtains are not meant to replace bed nets. While the curtains are helpful, they do not offer the same necessary nighttime protection of bed nets. Since the mosquitoes that carry malaria bite at night, it’s still extremely important for families to be sleeping under their bed nets. But with this extra layer of protection in the home, families are a little safer during the day from insects that carry other diseases. To learn more about the Net Curtains, check out this article.

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