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By: Andrew Carter

Drew Carey asks Seattle Fans to Send Nets and Save Lives!

June 14, 2017
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Even comedian Drew Carey knows malaria is no laughing matter—he’s joined the movement to end malaria by creating a bobblehead to bring smiles to fans and nets to families in Africa. Drew Carey, owner of the Seattle Sounders FC, and Sounders midfielder Sanna Nyassi, have launched a month-long fundraising campaign to benefit Nothing But Nets. Fans who donate $30 or more through June 10th will receive the limited edition Drew Carey bobblehead!

A donation of $30 will cover the cost to buy, distribute, and explain the use of 3 insecticide-treated bed nets, one of the easiest, and most cost-effective ways to prevent malaria in Africa. From his personal experience of contracting malaria at 16, Sanna Nyassi understands just how important these nets can be to saving lives.

The Seattle Sounders have been long-time supporters of Nothing But Nets, and will keep the ball rolling in the stadium and around the city when the Buzz Tour comes to visit Seattle from June 9-12. 

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