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By: Chris Helfrich

Emergency Need in South Sudan

June 8, 2017
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Turmoil in South Sudan has forced thousands to flee their homes and seek safety in refugee camps. As families flee from violence, they face another threat: malaria.

Nothing But Nets and our United Nations partners have long worked in three camps run by the UN Refugee Agency in Maban, South Sudan, helping to reduce malaria in the camps and the nearby community. Despite nearly 1,000 cases each week, malaria control efforts have reduced the death rate caused by malaria to nearly zero.

But our efforts are at risk due to violence in the region and a potentially devastating funding gap.

An influx of people to the camps and the breakdown in health services in surrounding communities increase the risk for a malaria outbreak. And our partners have informed us they don’t have enough funding to continue their work past the next few months. All our progress could be lost if we don’t help now.

By sending insecticide-treated bed nets and other supplies to prevent malaria, we can protect families and help avert a public health disaster.

Help us continue to maintain anti-malaria coverage in the region. Send life-saving bed nets to families in South Sudan right now.

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