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By: Andrea Gough

Everyone’s a Champion at NBA All-Star!

June 12, 2017
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Kobe Bryant may have been named MVP of the NBA All-Star game, but we think the true Champions of All-Star weekend are the thousands of basketball fans who came out to Jam Session to send a net and save a life with Nothing But Nets.

Fans from around the country gathered in Los Angeles, CA for the 60th NBA All-Star game and visited our Nothing But Nets court to be a “Champion in the fight against malaria” by sinking a net and saving a life on our court. Even NBA Legend and Nothing But Nets Champion, Dikembe Mutombo, brought his family by our court to send nets! 

With an important goal at hand, fans stepped up and made 3,391 life-saving shots to send 3,391 nets to Africa! But did the excitement stop there? No! Two young brothers from LA said that their life-saving efforts will not stop after All-Star — they’re donating their next allowance to save another life!

In West Hollywood the buzz about malaria spread as Sportie LA, a local shoe store, hosted a 3-day block party on its 25th anniversary to benefit Nothing But Nets. Celebrities including Rick Fox and Amber Rose stopped by to make a life-saving free throw.

It was so exciting to meet more Champions in the fight against malaria — from the celebs to the pros to the families who stopped by — we were inspired by their enthusiasm to send nets and save lives.

Check out our photos!

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