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By: Elizabeth McKee Gore

Everything Is a Little Bigger in Texas, Even Mosquitoes

June 12, 2017
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Note: This blog post was originally published on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation blog here.

If anyone understands mosquitoes and summer heat, it’s Texans like me. As summer comes to a close, many of us here in the United States are counting (and complaining about) our many mosquito bites. But what many Americans don’t realize is that in countries like Cameroon, a mosquito bite isn’t just itchy — it’s potentially deadly.

Malaria is a disease spread by a single mosquito bite, and is the number one cause of death in Cameroon. However, it can be easily prevented with an insecticide-treated bed net, which can help a family of four sleep safely, protected from malaria for up to three years. Cameroon has seen malaria rates triple over the last five years, largely due to lack of prevention tools like bed nets.

That’s why next week, our Nothing But Nets campaign is headed to Dallas to spread the buzz about the movement to end malaria — specifically about the urgent need for bed nets in Cameroon. We’ll go to Dallas City Hall, the mall, local schools and churches, baseball and soccer games, and more places to let everyone know how easy it is to send a net from your backyard to save a life in Africa.

Over the last five years, Nothing But Nets has found that if people know the facts about malaria and they know how easy it is to help, they do. In fact, Nothing But Nets supporters and partners have helped us send more than 4 million bed nets to 25 African countries… and counting.

Last week, Nothing But Nets traveled to Cameroon to help the country prepare for the largest bed net distribution in the country’s history. We learned from community leaders, government officials, health workers, UN agency representatives, mothers, fathers, and their children. It was clear: they need these nets and the protection they provide.

Right now, Cameroon is kicking off the first phase of its first-ever countrywide bed net distribution, but they need our help. Nothing But Nets, the United Nations Foundation, and our partners are working to send 225,000 nets to help save hundreds of thousands of lives from malaria. 

Whether you’re in Dallas or Yaounde, you can be a Champion in the fight against malaria. It’s easy: visit to spread the buzz.

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