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By: Andrea Gough

Fashion with a Passion

June 14, 2017
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Move over, fish nets — there is a new kind of netting on 5th Avenue. Meet Alexandra Taylor, a recent graduate from Parsons School of Design who has been raising awareness about malaria in a unique fashion.

When Rick Reilly wrote his article in Sports Illustrated titled “Nothing But Nets” in 2006 he talked about hoop nets, soccer nets, lacrosse nets, New Jersey Nets, dot-nets and clarinets. He never once mentioned fashion nets. But Alexandra Taylor, a Nothing But Nets™ supporter, took his words to heart and did what she does best: design clothes.

Now, you may remember last year’s Ugly Betty season premiere in which Betty ran a fashion show inspired by the issue of malaria prevention that supported Nothing But Nets. Well, Betty must have taken notes from Alexandra because that is exactly what Alexandra has been doing for the past year. Her senior thesis was dedicated to incorporating the issue of malaria and the beauty of a bed net into her collection: bed net textures on blazers, soft netting material on blouses, mosquito patterns on silk belts, and more.

Alexandra hopes to continue to spread the buzz through net-inspired clothing by selling her scarves, belts, and the works to fashion (and philanthropic) minded individuals.

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