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By: Ruth Riley

Feeling Humbled, Honored, and Inspired

June 8, 2017
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Looking over the audience at the Junior Chamber International (JCI) World Congress a few weeks ago in Leipzig, Germany brought back fond memories of my experiences at the 2004 Olympics. It reminded me of the opening ceremonies, where the beauty and diversity that exists in our world was highlighted by the amazing culmination of countries, cultures, ages, and races. At the World Congress, I was incredibly humbled to be honored as one of JCI’s Top Outstanding Young Persons of the World in the category of Humanitarian and or Voluntary Leadership.

I have been a Champion for Nothing But Nets since its inception in 2006 on behalf of NBA/WNBA Cares. Without the support of organizations like JCI, we would not have had the opportunity to take Stephen Curry to Tanzania last year to help deliver life-saving nets to refugees, protecting them from malaria. JCI members participate in the BzzzTour, advocate on Capitol Hill for malaria funding, and just this past weekend, I stopped by the Nothing But Nets 3×3 basketball tournament that JCI Turkey was hosting for the World Congress. It has been very inspiring and encouraging to witness the incredible impact that JCI members are making!

I love the quote by Gandhi: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Our society so often portrays this impossible image that we should strive to live up to. Gandhi truly celebrated the potential that lies within each of us. I believe our actions should inspire others, not to be like us, but rather to look within themselves and seek out their own unique purpose in life.

The generous spirit of the holiday season is an opportunity to inspire action around charitable giving. So as you contemplate your purpose, seek out a charity that you are passionate about and spread a little holiday love this season!

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