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By: Maegan Cross

First Advocacy Webinar of 2022 – A Deep Dive into the WHO World Malaria Report

January 25, 2022

Thank you Champions for participating in our first webinar of 2022!  Dr. Tara Bracken of our Global Health team led us through the highlights of the WHO World Malaria Report, including key progress indicators, continued challenges, and areas where further advocacy is needed.   

You can view Tara’s presentation here and watch the recording of the webinar here. You can also read a brief 2021 World Malaria Report “What You Need to Know” written by Dr. Bracken and Nothing But Nets’ Executive Director, Margaret McDonnell, here. 

So, what do we do with this information? The 2021 World Malaria Report calls for urgent action to reach global malaria targets. One great way for Champions to take action is by participating in meetings with their Members of Congress as part of our 2022 Leadership Summit: United to Beat Malaria. The summit will take place digitally on March 13th-15th. To make a commitment to meet with your Member of Congress, be sure to register here by February 11th.  

As we prepare for the summit, our upcoming webinars will focus on updates from the Hill and talking points preparation. We will also share an overview on what you can expect from summit content as well training on our congressional meeting platform.  Click here to register for these upcoming webinars.  

If you have any questions about Summit or our Advocacy Webinars, email Maegan at  


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