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By: Jenna Sauber

First-ever World Malaria Day brings in $1.1 million!

June 19, 2017
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We already told you how much of a success World Malaria Day was this year, what with the hundreds of Nets Challenges, the events around the country, the awesome participation in our new online game, Deliver the Net, and the Nothing But Nets’ message spread to millions of people around the world.

But here is the best part: you helped raise over $1.1 million for Nothing But Nets! Yes, that’s $1.1 MILLION.

That means you raised enough money to purchase and distribute 110,000 bed nets which will help save lives of children in Africa – and maybe even their families as an entire family can sleep under one bed net!

This is such awesome news that we wanted to thank you all one more time for your support and for the top-notch effort you all put into making World Malaria Day a success. It’s an exciting start as we begin our city tours leading up to World Malaria Day 2009… can we top this next year? Only YOU can make that happen. Stay tuned for updates and see what you can do to get involved as Nothing But Nets comes to a city near you.

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