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By: Lola Ajayi

Fish Nets for Nothing But Nets

June 15, 2017
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On Sunday, May 3rd, youth groups from six different United Methodist Churches gathered at St. Luke’s to raise funds and awareness for Nothing But Nets.  Prior to the event, each group had a goal of collecting donations every day in April.  The youth leader from the group that raised the most money would have to appear on stage in fish nets in front of the May 3rd gathering!

The competition was stiff – in fact, so many donations were collected that the leader of each group decided to get up on stage and share in the silliness by the end of the night!

The crowd was later entertained by an improv show performance made up of members of St. Luke’s UMC in Highlands Ranch. An iPod shuffle was offered up as a door prize, as well as two autographed sports items, a Colorado Avalanche Hockey Stick and a Denver Nuggets Basketball provided by Kroenke Sports; all of which raised a total of $700 for bed nets.

Altogether, the youth groups raised $2,300 for Nothing But Nets, and had a GREAT time doing it! Thank you all for your continuous support in helping combat malaria.

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