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Gratitude for Our Champions

November 15, 2021
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For decades, the United States has been a leader in the global fight to eradicate malaria. Nothing But Nets’ champions use their voices to ensure the US Government allocates lifesaving resources to the populations most at-risk of contracting and dying from this disease. We want to thank our devoted champions and highlight the global progress to which they have contributed.   

We can’t overstate our gratitude for the resilience and commitment with which our champions approached malaria prevention advocacy amidst the exceptional challenges of the past two years. Champions worked tirelessly to ensure that the response to the world’s newest pandemic would also continue to fight one of the world’s oldest and deadliest diseases.  

2021 saw promising and vital progress in the fight against malaria. The Global Fund, which has saved more than 44 million lives since 2002, continues to increase the number of bed nets distributed each year. The President’s Malaria Initiative collaborated with governments in endemic countries to chart the course to elimination through direct investment, technical support, and by providing life-saving commodities like insecticide treated bed nets and anti-malarial medicines.  

In 245 meetings with members of Congress, our champions advocated for investment in malaria prevention and elimination from the United States government. Although Congress is scheduled to finalize the budget this December, where the FY22 State and Foreign Operations bill currently stands, champions’ efforts helped secure full funding for the Global Fund and increased funding for the President’s Malaria Initiative from both the Senate and House of Representatives. You are to thank for these results!  

These achievements belong to every Champion, from those who signed petitions to those who met with members of Congress. We are incredibly grateful for each of you!  

We want to take a moment to recognize the champions who went above and beyond to make themselves known to members of Congress this year. The champions listed below participated in digital meetings during both our annual Leadership Summit as well as our World Mosquito Day activation. Along with our broader champions, we celebrate your dedication and contributions to this global cause! Thank you:    

  • Obed, California 
  • Omotola, Maryland 
  • Emily, Florida 
  • Ritza, Florida 
  • Danielle, Florida 
  • Chris, Iowa 
  • Nashwan, Illinois  
  • Darcy, Illinois 
  • Vanessa, Illinois  
  • Eric, Illinois 
  • Jenna, Illinois 
  • Jocelyn, Kentucky  
  • Yuhuan, Washington DC 
  • Dawson, Missouri 
  • Susie, Missouri 
  • Bethanie, Mississippi 
  • Monika, North Carolina 
  • Jeff, Wyoming 
  • Stan, New York 
  • Stevenson, New York 
  • Edson, New York 
  • Heather, North Carolina 
  • James, North Carolina 
  • Jessie, Washington 
  • Ashlea, Washington  
  • Andrew, Virginia 

Follow along as we highlight our champions’ achievements on our social media!

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