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By: Julie Willig

Haley’s Story: Bracelets for Nets

June 15, 2017
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Philanthropists can be any age. Acts of kindness can take many forms. Everyone can make a difference in the fight against malaria. This I’ve learned from a little girl named Haley Neumiller, Nothing But Nets newest star supporter from Washington. This young MVP started “Haley Fights Malaria” as a way to help others. When she learned that every 30 seconds a child dies of malaria—with most under the age of 5—she was sold on the cause.

Upon catching a glimpse of the documentary “Sons of Lwala” while her parents were watching the film, Haley decided she wanted to do something to help the fight against malaria. Just a few months shy of her fifth birthday, Haley asked her parents to help her start a business making and selling bracelets to “make money for malaria.” Haley, now five years old, spends nearly every evening before bed crafting her beautiful hand-made bead bracelets. She came up with the name “Haley Fights Malaria” that is printed on cards she hands out with the bracelets, along with some facts about malaria. 

To date, Haley has raised more than $1,000 for life-saving bed nets and the Lwala Community Alliance, selling her bracelets at family gatherings, yard sales, and a visit to her dentist’s office. She even sold one to the lady at the bead store where she buys her supplies! She takes her purse of ready-made bracelets wherever she goes in the event she finds a new customer, and continually gets requests for more bracelets. I know I can’t wait to get my own!

Having the opportunity to hear all of our supporters’ stories, I am constantly amazed at how a single individual – especially one of our star youth – can inspire others to save lives. After making her first donation, Haley proudly asked: “Mommy, I’m changing the world, aren’t I?” Yes you are, Haley! Hundreds of individuals in greatest need across Africa will sleep soundly under the protection of a bed net because of you. Haley says she does not intend to stop any time soon, and the Nothing But Nets team looks forward to hearing about her successes!

They say a diamond is forever, but personally I think the lasting impact of these bracelets embodies the true meaning of beauty. Send a net in Haley’s honor – you’ll know the chance to save a life has more brilliance and merit than any material object could ever offer. 

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