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By: Jenna Sauber

Hangin’ with HOBY

June 19, 2017
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We had another awesome event today here in DC for Nothing But Nets with HOBY students and kids from the Boys and Girls Club. The HOBY (Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership) group was intense, motivational and so energized– and they passed that enthusiasm right on to the kids, which is just what we need to spread the word about malaria!

The event started out with a welcome from Nothing But Nets Director Elizabeth Gore, followed by a couple of pep talks from DC United soccer player Ben Olsen and Washington Mystics basketball player Nakia Sanford. Both of them really got the kids going and explained why malaria is such an important issue and how to get involved through Nothing But Nets.

Later, after getting some pizza into their stomachs, the kids rotated through Nothing But Nets activities, including NETS knockout, a poster-making contest, coloring a mosquito and map of Africa, Nothing But Nets Jeopardy, and Village Net Race. Throughout the day, it was great to see the HOBY kids bonding with the youth while getting the message out about malaria. We heard snatches here and there of “A net is only $10,” and “Kids in Africa need bed nets.” We want everyone to say those things!

If six and nine-year-olds can send nets and save lives, you can, too! Thanks to our athletes and HOBY for another O-U-T-S-T-A-N-D-I-N-G event!!

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