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By: Paige Glidden

Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 11, 2019
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Valentine’s Day is the time of year when love notes run rampant — and we wanted to join in. We love our donors, UN partners, champions, and corporate partners so much, we penned letters to each of them, thanking them for all their support of Nothing But Nets. Learn why we’re so thankful for them below! 

We love our DONORS

12 years ago a child was dying from malaria every 30 seconds, and today a child dies from malaria every two minutes. While still unacceptable, that is amazing progress that we could not have achieved without our donors.

Every donation matters. Every donation — whether humble or generous — helps families living at risk for malaria get the resources they need to lead healthy lives.

With over $70 million dollars raised (to provide over 13 million bed nets), that’s a whole lot of families around the world who are protected from malaria, thanks to our donors and our UN partners.

We love our UN PARNERS

Nothing But Nets has worked in partnership with UNHCR to distribute over 2 million bed nets to refugee settlements throughout Africa, often in rapid-response after a mass migration has occurred.

In 2018, Nothing But Nets provided more than 638K bed nets to UN agencies, as well as financial support for malaria prevention, testing and treatment. Often these UN agencies are the first responders to provide for the most vulnerable populations who live in or have fled an emergency or conflict situation. 

We love our CHAMPIONS

Since October of last year, our grassroots champions have raised almost $20,000 through individual fundraising campaigns, an amount of money that is equivalent to the purchase and distribution of 4,000 lifesaving insecticide treated bed nets.

In addition, our champions hosted almost 40 awareness and fundraising events, spreading the message of Nothing But Nets to thousands of people throughout the country and building people power in significant Congressional districts.


Pest control company Aptive Environmental added a donation component in their point-of-sale system, raising more than $250,000 for Nothing But NetsNearly 10,000 Parachute Home Venice Beach sheet sets have been purchased, which sends one bed net per set purchased. Terminix donated $10 to Nothing But Nets for every retweet of their #MosquitoEmoji tweet

In just over a year, Mosquito Joe and its independently-owned franchises have raised close to $50,000 in donations for Nothing But Nets! As for Cotopaxi, they helped send bed nets to families in need in Ecuador with a generous donation, and we’ve even had the chance to show our VR film at their Questivals. 

For the last three years, Sumitomo Chemical Company has inspired thousands of grassroots donations through their in-kind bed net donation (doubling the amount of nets going to families in need!) for distribution in sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean. 

Want to learn more about what we do or make a donation? Click here. 

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