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By: Muriel van de Bilt

Harvard Logs Miles Against Malaria

June 8, 2017
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This month, Harvard’s community is taking action against malaria! The Harvard Malaria Matters campaign had a great kick-off with a photo exhibit, “Visions From the Field.” The exhibit – featuring 24 photos displayed across the six different Harvard campuses – offered insights into the burden of malaria around the world. During the photo exhibit, students received “Malaria Matters” pins and helped raise awareness on social media. To date more than 200 dollars has been raised and more than 600 pins have been taken and worn by the Harvard community in an effort to play their part in demonstrating that malaria matters.  

Up next is an exciting event on World Malaria Day! On April 25th, students will host a 5k walk/jog/run at DCR Artesani Herter Park, along the Charles River. The event, “Miles Against Malaria,” promises to do more than help the community stay active – it is also an opportunity to inspire hundreds of people to join Nothing But Nets to continue fighting malaria.

Thank you Team Malaria Matters for all your efforts to fight against malaria!

It’s not too late to join Miles Against Malaria. Register here or help us send bed nets to families in need by donating today! It only costs $10 to help send a net and save a life.

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