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By: Sybil Davidson

He shoots and Nothing But Nets Scores

June 19, 2017
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Excitement for Nothing But Nets ran high at the North Georgia Annual Conference session last week. It all started when the delegation to General Conference presented Bishop Lindsey Davis with a basketball and issued a friendly challenge. If Bishop Davis could shoot the ball into the basketball goal—which had just been rolled onto the floor — they would give $20 to Nothing But Nets. Soon people across the conference floor were waving cash in the air to match the challenge. 

Bishop Davis stepped up to the free throw line and took his first shot. The ball bounced off the rim and onto the floor. He regrouped and shot again. Swoosh! This time the conference went wild. He sank the basket. One person stood up and made a $1,000 pledge from his church to Nothing But Nets. Inspired by his generosity, representatives from churches large and small began making pledges. By the end of the week, the conference had collected more than $10,000 in cash and $115,500 in pledges for Nothing But Nets.

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