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By: Adrianna Logalbo

Heroes and hoops

June 19, 2017
Hero Image

On Tuesday night the WNBA’s Washington Mystics honored Gemma Puglisi, a professor of Public Communication at American University, as a Hometown Hero for her support of the Nothing But Nets campaign. During the Spring semester, Gemma worked with her class of 20 students to raise the profile of Nothing But Nets through on-campus events and media outreach. 

In the end, the class helped Nothing But Nets get significant media coverage in the DC-area. Two of Gemma’s students, Kim Beauman and Halley Offner, were also on hand to participate in the pre-game ceremony. 

And the Mystics are no slackers themselves! As each player warmed up in a Nothing But Nets t-shirt, the fans raised just over $400 for bed nets! And despite a slow start, the Mystics rallied back to beat the Indiana Fever by two points as the seconds ticked by.

On Tuesday night, everyone was a hero at the Mystics game!  

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