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By: Keely Solimene

Holy Family Catholic Academy presents about nets!

June 19, 2017
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Students from Holy Family Catholic Academy in Inverness, Illinois, commemorated World Malaria Day by giving a presentation about malaria and Nothing But Nets to their community.  For weeks leading up to April 25, 2008, students were busy following curriculum written specifically about malaria and the Nothing But Nets campaign in preparation for the World Malaria Day event!

Their World Malaria Day presentation included skits by kindergartners dressed as mosquitoes, facts about government and biomes in Africa given by third-graders and fourth-graders, and personal stories about children who have suffered the devastating effects of malaria told by fifth-graders.  The event concluded with sixth-graders challenging each person in the audience to be a hero in the lives of children in Africa.  Contributions were accepted for books written about malaria by first-graders and lemonade sold by second-graders.

U.S. Representative Mark Kirk responded to the extraordinary efforts of Holy Family Catholic Academy students by applauding their commitment to malaria prevention and saluting their hard work leading up to the commemoration of World Malaria Day.  He stated, “As you may know, I sit on the key committee that funds America’s foreign assistance programs to fight malaria.  Your work in Inverness reinforces my work in Washington.”  He confirmed that even kindergartners dressed as mosquitoes can affect decisions made in Washington, DC!  Great job Holy Family Catholic Academy!  

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