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Home Runs to Save Lives

June 9, 2017
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University of San Francisco student and baseball player, Bob Mott, has a novel approach to saving lives. As part of a course for the USF School of Management, Bob is using his baseball skills to raise awareness about malaria and help send life-saving bed nets. Bob was inspired by a family that values education and service as well as having traveled to Africa and meeting people who have had malaria. 

During the 2011 season, the USF team donated $10 to Nothing But Nets to send a net for each home run the team hit.  This baseball season (starting soon!), the team will send a net and save a life with each strikeout. Strikeouts tend to happen more often than homeruns, so the team will be able to send even more life-saving nets to families in Africa.

It’s not just the baseball team that’s getting involved in the fight to end malaria – the University is, too! To help kick off this season’s NETraising activities, USF has generously donated 40 nets – one for each of the 40 members of the University’s Board of Trustees.

Check out this article to learn more about Bob’s “Strike Out Malaria” project and visit his NETraiser page to support their work!

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