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By: Meril Cullinan

Hope and Progress in Haiti

June 9, 2017
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As Nothing But Nets supporters, we know you’re committed to helping others. Two years ago today, we asked you turn your compassion you have for sending nets and saving lives to those affected by the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Your response was overwhelming — thousands of you joined the UN Foundation in helping the United Nations in Haiti by contributing to the UN’s Central Emergency Relief Fund (CERF).

Including your contributions, the UN Foundation community helped raise nearly $4 million. These generous donations have enabled the UN to:

  • Provide food, medicine, water, and shelter following the earthquake through a $3 million grant to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), including to the Central Emergency Response Fund to respond to future emergencies like Haiti.
  • Grant $240,000 to the UN Development Program (UNDP) for their Cash-for-Work program, an initiative to offer Haitians temporary jobs to remove rubble and help rebuild.
  • Remove 50 percent of the debris produced by the earthquake’s destruction.
  • Provide jobs to more than 200,000 people.
  • Grant more than $776,000 to the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) for maternal health kits, as well as solar street lights to help keep women and girls safe at night.

The UN Foundation continues to work closely with its UN partners to help the people of Haiti in their long-term reconstruction efforts. On a recent trip to Haiti, members of our UN Foundation team saw many things: hope, progress, and the need to keep working to help the country rebuild. See a video from their trip:

Thank you for being there for the victims of the earthquake and for helping the UN help Haiti. To learn more about our work in Haiti and how you can support continued recovery efforts, please visit

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