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By: Adrianna Logalbo

Hopefulness at Hopewell UMC

June 16, 2017
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Last Friday night we held our final event of the Philadelphia City Tour – a faith leaders’ dinner hosted at Hopewell United Methodist Church. Bishop Peggy Johnson, who was recently instated as the Bishop of the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference, joined roughly 100 faith leaders to discuss the issue of malaria and the opportunity for people of faith to lead the efforts to combat this devastating disease.

Hopewell UMC’s own – and Nothing But Nets MVPs – Lynda and Katherine Commale shared their inspiring story of how they have become involved in Nothing But Nets and the path it had taken them on, from New York to the White House to CNN. To read more about their efforts and see their CNN interview, click here

Thanks to Bishop Johnson’s call to action to buy a bed net or two, the participants contributed over $1,000 send nets. In addition, Pastor Steve from Hopewell UMC announced a contribution from the church for nearly $10,000 for nets!

Friday night truly was all about hope.

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