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By: Theresa Herget

Hoya hoops to prevent malaria!

June 20, 2017
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The “Georgetown Hoyas: Operation Bug Off!” Netraiser Team’s events around campus and Georgetown are in full swing now!  Let your inner Jordan shine at their 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament on Saturday, April 19th at noon.  The tournament, with registration fees going towards purchasing long-lasting insecticide-treated bed nets to help prevent malaria, will take place at Yates Field House.  The first 75 people to register get free Nothing But Nets T-shirts and winners will be rewarded with gift certificates to Saxby’s, the Tombs, and Dixie Liquors. 

The World Malaria Day Symposium, held at Gaston Hall, is only about a week away!  Other events leading up to April 25th, include another Domino’s Dough Raising night (April 21st) and a restaurant night (April 24th) at Pizzeria Parasido on M Street

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