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By: United to Beat Malaria

International Day of the African Child 2021

June 15, 2021

As we celebrate #InternationalDayOfTheAfricanChild, we recognize the resilience of over 11 million African children who have been displaced from their homes. Malaria is a leading cause of death among African children, and the risk is even greater for children living in displacement camps.  

We’ve teamed up with Envu (formerly known as Bayer Environmental Science) and the Mentor Initiative to conduct indoor residual spraying campaigns in displacement camps across Borno State, Nigeria. Borno is the epicenter of a decade-long conflict initiated by Boko Haram that has displaced over 3 million people. Over 80% of the camp residents are women and children; 25% are children under-5 – – the age group most likely to die from malaria due to their lack of immunity to the disease.   

We anticipate this project will protect over 380,000 displaced Nigerians from malaria and will dramatically reduce malaria rates in these camps. For this project, Envu has contributed #Fludora Fusion, a groundbreaking indoor residual spray that safely protects homes from malaria for up to one year and kills mosquitoes on contact, including mosquitoes that are resistant to other insecticides.

This newly-released film brings you closer to the people and communities impacted by this project.  

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