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By: Susannah Rosenblatt

Inspiration from Kakuma

June 9, 2017
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This World Refugee Day, take a moment to think about what home means to you. No one wants to be uprooted from home, but refugees have no choice. During a recent visit to Kakuma Refugee Camp near the South Sudan border, we met families who were far from home, struggling to make a life in a strange place.

What struck us most was the kindness and grace of these refugees. They are rebuilding their lives. They are protecting their families. And they are creating a future for themselves and their children free from violence.

Because refugees, like all of us, nurture hopes and dreams.

Please enjoy this slideshow of images from Kakuma by renowned photographer Michael Muller.

And in honor of World Refugee Day, please consider contributing to our effort to send 100,000 life-saving bed nets to keep these refugees safe from malaria.

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