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By: Amy Jensen

Inspiring Teen Girls to Send Nets and Save Lives

June 9, 2017
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With help from supporters like you, Nothing But Nets helps fight malaria in Africa, but Nothing But Nets is just one campaign of the United Nations Foundation. Another inspiring campaign of the UN Foundation is Girl Up, dedicated to empowering American girls to support adolescent girls in developing countries. As part of the campaign, teen girls can start Girl Up Clubs in their schools and communities to help and raise money for girls around the world, allowing them to grow up educated, healthy, and safe. Recently, the Millburn Girl Up Club in Millburn, New Jersey went above and beyond, not only supporting adolescent girls, but  sending nets and saving lives!

The members of the Millburn Girl Up Club partnered with Millburn Red Mango, a frozen yogurt shop in their community to raise money for Nothing But Nets. They passed flyers around their school and used Facebook to spread the buzz. Each customer that brought the flyer to Red Mango donated 20 percent of the cost of their treat to buy a life-saving bed net. The club raised $70—enough to send seven bed nets. That means that a dozen or more people can sleep safely thanks to their efforts!

You can learn more about Girl Up by visiting And, as always, you can send a net and save a life!

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