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By: Kate Kovarovic

It’s all about the net

June 20, 2017
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Last night marked the third game of the season between NBA rivals the Chicago Bulls and the New Jersey Nets.  But regardless of the final score, the real winners of last night’s game were children all throughout Africa!

NBA stars Luol Deng and DeSagana Diop have teamed up with the Nothing But Nets campaign to make personal commitments to preventing malaria.  Chicago Bulls forward Deng has pledged $50 to Nothing But Nets for each shot made during the regular season this year.  And Diop, the newly acquired center for the New Jersey Nets, will donate $100 for each blocked shot.

Deng, a native of Sudan, and Diop, a native of Senegal, hope to inspire others to get involved with malaria prevention.  If you’ve been inspired by these stars’ amazing actions, check out their netraiser pages!  Deng’s team has already raised close to $1,500, and Diop has set a personal goal of $5,000 for his team.

Tonight is sure to be a showdown of a different kind; as Diop puts it, “It’s seven feet of Diop against the 7-millimeter mosquito!”

So Nets fans, keep your eyes on the game results!  While the final score is important, it’s the commitment of these two great athletes that truly matters tonight.

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