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By: United to Beat Malaria

It’s great to have friends like Mosquito Joe… unless you’re a mosquito.

March 6, 2020
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That’s because Mosquito Joe is dedicated to one thing: beating the bloodsuckers. Thanks to nearly 150 franchises in 36 states, their customers around the U.S. can enjoy the outdoors protected from the threat of mosquitoes. But Mosquito Joe knows it’s not just families in the U.S. who need this protection. That’s why they partner with Nothing But Nets to work towards a world where no one dies from a mosquito bite. Mosquito Joe’s commitment has helped protect 29,000 men, women, and children in sub-Saharan African and Latin America from malaria to date.

How do they do it? By engaging their entire community in two innovative campaigns that raise awareness and funds to fight malaria. Mosquito Joe kicks off mosquito season each spring with the aptly named ‘MoJo Bites Back’ campaign. During this campaign, Mosquito Joe reminds their over 146,000 customers of the deadly threat posed by malaria and encourages contributions to protect vulnerable families around the world. To increase the impact of customer donations, Mosquito Joe matches the first $5,000 in contributions. In the summer, they challenge participating franchisees to “Beat the Bloodsuckers” by donating two nets for each new customer serviced during Mosquito Control Awareness Week. This campaign raised enough to send more than 5,000 nets last year alone.

Mosquito Joe’s commitment doesn’t stop there. They are stepping up their fight even further at the NBN20 Leadership Summit by lending their expertise in their field. Mosquito Joe Technical Director, David Price, is teaming up with Nothing But Nets staff to equip attendees with the latest information on the advancements and challenges in mosquito control. This information helps our Champions and partners better educate their communities and elected officials and inspire others to join the fight.

With friends like these by our side, we know a malaria-free future is possible. Join us in saying thank you Mosquito Joe for helping us step up the fight to end malaria for good

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