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By: Kate Kovarovic

It’s time to rock the vote. . .

June 20, 2017
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. . .for your favorite Buzzcuts video!  Click here to vote!

Last summer, Nothing But Nets reached out to college students across the country to participate in the Buzzcuts competition.  We challenged them to find new and creative ways to engage their peers and raise awareness for malaria prevention.  Buzzcuts proposals came in from all across the U.S.!

It wasn’t easy, but we picked our top 12 finalists and brought them to the Nothing But Nets offices in Washington, DC.  We helped each student find ways to turn their proposals into reality.  We then gave each finalist a mini-grant and sent them back to campus to get planning.

For the past few months, these students have been hard at work.  In an effort to document their events so others can replicate them on various campuses across the country, the Buzzcuts finalists have been videotaping their efforts.  And the time has finally arrived to share those videos with all of you – watch all the finalists’ videos and vote for your favorite one! The students with the winning campaign will win an additional $500, so go rock the vote and vote for your favorite Buzzcuts video!

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