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By: Liz Wing

JCI Organizes Regatta to Raise Money for Nets

June 8, 2017
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Junior Chamber International (JCI) knows how to raise money to save lives, and have fun doing it! 

In August, the JCI Netherlands chapter organized its third-annual regatta which raised more than $25,000 to send long-lasting insecticide-treated bed nets to families in South Sudan.

JCI has captured the spirit of Team Bzzzkill.  They identified a fun, engaging activity that brought a community of people together around an important cause.

This year’s regatta kicked off in Croatia.  It was four days of beautiful weather and fierce competition, racing from port to port along the coast of Croatia, all to send nets and save lives!

Congratulations to Team Willem for taking first place!

JCI raised funds from each participant and held an auction that brought in $7,000 from prizes like Oktoberfest tickets, private plane rides, and hotel getaways. 

JCI Netherlands has already started planning next year’s regatta.  We look forward taking part again, which is sure to be a success! 

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