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By: Amy Jensen

Jenna’s Basketball Free Throw Challenge

June 14, 2017
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Below is another great story from of one of our supporters, Jenna Glazier, who will be hosting an event at her school in support of Nothing But Nets. Jenna says:

“Every night when I fall asleep, usually the worst thing that can happen to me while I sleep is I might have a nightmare. For many children in Africa, the worst is often death from a bite by a mosquito which carries the malaria virus.

I recently watched an episode of AMERICAN IDOL, which featured many singers, actresses, and musicians who joined together in a charitable effort known as IDOL GIVES BACK. The UN Foundation was one of the charities featured on the show. One of their campaigns, Nothing But Nets, supplies mosquito nets to African villages to protect children from mosquito bites while they sleep.

Music plays a very important role in my life, and the entertainers who were featured on the IDOL GIVES BACK program helped me to realize how lucky I was, and they inspired me to take action so that other children could feel as lucky and safe as I felt. Just by donating $10 to Nothing But Nets, I could send a mosquito net and save a life. But I was inspired beyond my donation as well.

With the encouragement of my family and the help from the Nothing But Nets organization, I have organized the Nothing But Nets Basketball Free Throw Challenge. This event calls on friends, family, neighbors, teachers, and fellow students to make as many baskets as possible from the free throw line within 90 seconds. You raise funds by soliciting pledges for each successful shot you make through the net. The Nothing But Nets Basketball Free Throw Challenge will take place on May 23 at noon at Springer Middle School in Wilmington, DE.

How many lives can you save in 90 seconds? Come and find out. I assure you that the feeling you get from helping others in a feeling you will cherish and never forget.”

We can’t wait to hear about Jenna’s success and how many baskets she and her friends were able to make! Thanks for your support, Jenna!

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