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By: Tyler Browning

Join the Nationwide Juggle-a-thon on World Malaria Day!

June 8, 2017
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It’s that time of year again! World Malaria Day – April 25 – is right around the corner, and Nothing But Nets has some really exciting events going on across the country to send nets and save lives. Nothing But Nets just launched The Million Nets Pledge, our new two-year goal to protect refugee families in sub-Saharan Africa from malaria with one million bednets by 2016! There is no better way to kick-off this ambitious goal than to rally supporters and hit the ground running on World Malaria Day.

Do you know how you are going to pledge your support?

If you are stumped, look no further! Retired American professional soccer player Jared Montz is hosting the third-annual national Juggle-a-thon to raise awareness and funds for Nothing But Nets. Through his Online Soccer Academy, young soccer fans, professional soccer players, teams, and clubs alike can come together to juggle for nets. Our Director, Chris Helfrich, is already warming up…

Last year, the Juggle-a-thon raised over $12,400! Let’s set the bar high and see if we can get even more people involved and break our record.

Recently, Jared was in a mountain bike accident and is in recovery – but he still wants you to take part in the Juggle-a-thon! So grab a soccer ball, gather your friends, and juggle for Jared and help us protect refugee families from malaria. You can have fun while saving lives!

Sign up here.

Don’t have good hand-eye coordination? No problem! You can create your own challenge for World Malaria Day and join The Million Nets Pledge.


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