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By: Nejla Routsong

Join the WWE Alliance Against Malaria!

June 9, 2017
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The stars of WWE have formed an alliance with Nothing But Nets to TAKE DOWN malaria! On Saturday, Sept. 22 at the Social Good Summit, WWE Executive Stephanie McMahon and WWE Divas Layla and Alicia Fox urged WWE fans everywhere to spread the buzz in the fight against malaria. United Nations Foundation Vice President Elizabeth Gore moderated a panel with the three powerful ladies.

WWE has “an incredibly powerful voice. We have over 115 million social media followers combined, said WWE Executive Vice President Stephanie McMahon. “It’s incredibly important for us as an organization to use that powerful voice to give back to the community.” Divas Layla and Alicia Fox tweeted about Nothing But Nets from the stage, spreading the buzz about malaria prevention to 2.4 million followers. And they even clowned around with Mozzie the Mosquito!

Thanks to our new friends at WWE for their support, using their incredible reach to solve a serious global health problem.

Malaria kills. Nets save lives. Join the WWE Alliance Against Malaria!

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