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By: Adrianna Logalbo

Join us on Facebook on August 12 with Mandy Moore!

June 14, 2017
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The UN has identified an urgent need to send life-saving bed nets to everyone who needs one in the Central African Republic (CAR) by the end of this year. We’re happy to announce that singer and actress Mandy Moore and PSI (Population Services International) are joining us and our UN partners to fill this need.

We have a special opportunity for you to learn more about this project, from Mandy herself! Join us on August 12 at 2pm ET for an exclusive chance to ask Mandy (and us) your questions during an interactive Facebook Townhall discussion. It’s easy – you’ll log in to Facebook, head to the Nothing But Nets page, and join the live conversation with Mandy and our malaria experts.

Mandy has seen first-hand the impacts of malaria, and witnessed the hope that comes with delivering a net to a family when she traveled to South Sudan in 2009 with PSI to distribute bed nets. Now we’re trying to send “Moore” nets to save more lives, and we’ll need your help to send 837,000 nets by the end of 2010. Learn more about CAR here.

Malaria is a leading killer of people in CAR, and this is our opportunity to make sure that every person there gets a net as soon as possible. We need you to join us to get one step closer to covering the African continent with life-saving nets.

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