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By: Theresa Herget

Katherine named United Methodist of the Year!

June 16, 2017
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Our very own Katherine Commale was recently named United Methodist of the Year!  Rich Peck, former editor of the Daily Christian Advocate, and Reverend Kathy James, a congregational specialist in the South Carolina Conference, nominated Katherine for the title.  Amongst the other nominees Katherine stood out as a “shining example of youthful energy and commitment to making a difference as a United Methodist.”  

Her entire city of Philadelphia is recognizing her efforts as well! The Philadelphia Inquirerfeatured Katherine as a finalist for “Citizen of the Year”!  As always, the Nothing But Netsteam is very proud of Katherine, who has been raising funds and spreading the buzz about the importance of bed nets for the past three years.

We’re also very proud to report that Katherine recently hit a fundraising total of $85,000!  Since the age of five, Katherine has been giving presentations at churches and making bed net gift certificates to raise awareness and funds.  From The New York Times to CNN, the nation has recognized that Katherine is an example for all of us, showing that individuals of all ages can make a difference. 

Help our United Methodist of the Year and finalist for Philadelphia Inquirer Citizen of the Year continue with her efforts and donate to her NET-raiser team!  Congratulations Katherine! 

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