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By: Johnna Sundberg

Kevin Strickland’s Civics Project

June 8, 2017
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How did you become involved with Nothing But Nets?

During the summer of 2011, middle school student Kevin Strickland from Springfield, Virginia was inspired by a Nothing But Nets ad he saw on Hulu. Later that year, Kevin was assigned a service learning project for his civics class. Kevin decided that his project would be to bake and sell homemade cupcakes, breads, and cookies to raise money for life-saving bednets for the campaign. What began as a project for a middle school civics class has become a lifelong commitment to preventing the spread of malaria, one net at a time. 

Since he began his class project, Kevin has raised over $6,000 for bednets through bake sales, protecting 600 families from malaria. His initial goal of $100 for 10 nets has grown to $10,000 for 1,000 nets by his high school graduation in 2016. To meet his goal, Kevin is working to organize a “Nickels Night” at his school’s basketball game and secure a sponsorship from his local Whole Foods. Thank you, Kevin, for your help to fight malaria and spread the word!

Inspired by Kevin’s story? Anyone can join the fight against malaria. From students like Kevin to CEOs, Nothing But Nets Champions have found creative ways to raise money and send life-saving bednets to families in Africa. Check out our easy Create for Nets platform to learn more and get some tools to start your own project!

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