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By: Margaret Reilly McDonnell

Kickin’ it with Mozzie at the White House Easter Egg Roll

June 8, 2017
Hero Image

What do Mozzie the Mosquito and RGIII have in common? 

Last week, the Nothing But Nets team had the great opportunity to be featured at the 136th Annual White House Easter Egg Roll. Alongside professional athletes like Washington Redskins quarterback RGIII and U.S. Olympic Ice Hockey player Julie Chu, our fearless mascot Mozzie engaged kids in getting active in the “Eggtivity Zone,” right on the South Lawn of the White House. 

With help from long-time Nothing But Nets Champion and former MLS player Diego Gutierrez, DC United Coach Ben Olsen, and DC United players Davy Arnaud and Bobby Boswell, we challenged kids to score soccer goals on Mozzie. 

Thanks to an anonymous donor’s challenge, with more than 5,000 goals scored on Mozzie, we’re able to provide 50 additional life-saving bed nets to protect children and families in Africa from malaria. Our team talked to kids and their parents about how they can get involved in the fight against malaria and help us send nets and save lives.

Mozzie was also spotted by the White House press corps on the basketball court, in time for President Obama’s arrival! 

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