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By: Jill Cleary

Kindergarteners set up shop for nets

June 19, 2017
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Kindergarten students from Harambee Christian School in Columbus, Ohio, recently raised $240.00 for bed nets! They raised the money by hosting two school-wide sales of cookies, punch, popcorn and freeze pops. The classroom was arranged for students to come in and purchase items during the sales.

This project served two purposes for the class.  First, as a part of their economics curriculum, these sales provided an opportunity to reinforce various economic concepts such as natural and capital resources, producers and consumers, advertising, specialization and giving. The students especially loved making posters and flyers to advertise the sales. The greater purpose the sales served, however, was giving the students an opportunity to raise money for those in greater need.

Through the internet their teacher learned how bed nets can save lives and that each net is only $10.00. This seemed very practical and doable. The students thoroughly enjoyed raising the money because they knew that they were making a real difference in the lives of children around the world. The Nothing But Nets campaign was a perfect fit for these students!  Though only five or six years old, the problem of the mosquitoes was something these children really understood. They also understood that the $240.00 they raised funded 24 nets which in turn saved 24 lives. They got to experience the reality that helping other people is far more rewarding than focusing on themselves. As big of a success as the project was, the hope is that the 2008-2009 kindergarten class will outdo this class by a long shot!

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