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By: Chris Helfrich

Knocking out malaria one net at a time

June 8, 2017
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As a father of two young boys, I look forward to life’s milestones. First steps, first words, first day of school – I wouldn’t trade these experiences for anything in the world. Unfortunately, not all parents get the chance to celebrate such important milestones in their children’s lives.

Some mothers and fathers across Sub-Saharan Africa are constantly racked with the task of finding ways to protect their children from a deadly, but preventable disease – malaria.  Children under five years of age are most at risk of contracting malaria. Every 60 seconds, a child dies from malaria. This is why I’m asking you to join me in the fight against malaria.

I’m on my way to Tanzania with NBA star Stephen Curry and ESPN columnist Rick Reilly. We will visit a refugee camp and distribute insecticide-treated bed nets to families. The malaria burden at the camp is significant – last year, there were more than 62,000 cases reported among its population of roughly 68,000. That is why this is so important. We will also have the opportunity to meet officials from humanitarian organizations in the region to learn about their efforts to curb the disease. While in Tanzania, we will join with NBA Cares and the Tanzanian Basketball Federation for a basketball clinic and malaria education for local school children.

Malaria is a preventable and treatable disease. Insecticide- treated bed nets provide a cost-effective solution to protecting women and children from a deadly mosquito bite.  Please join me, Rick Reilly, and Stephen Curry to knock out malaria, one net at a time. Every $10 you donate to Nothing But Nets will go to purchasing and delivering a bed net, and providing education on how to use it. Let’s help parents celebrate milestones in their children’s lives!

Follow the trip on Twitter using the hashtag #NetsforTZ and be on the lookout for updates from Nothing But Nets on, Facebook, and Twitter pages. You can also follow Rick Reilly and Stephen Curry on Twitter for real time updates.

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