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By: Lola Ajayi

Lakeside Congregation free throw shootout!

June 15, 2017
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The Social Action Committee at Lakeside Congregation for Reform Judaism recently hosted a free throw shootout at a local gym in Highland Park, Ill., to raise money for Nothing But Nets.  Participants ranged in ages from 7 to 67 with a strong showing by the town’s high school varsity basketball team and their coach. 

The turnout was terrific and the fundraising effort resulted in nearly $1,700 in donations taken at the door. The event was a fun and great experience for all involved especially the winner of the day – Ben Levine, who shot 24 out of 25 free throws. Awesome!

Additional donations were made directly to the campaign through Lakeside Congregation’s NET-Raiser Team – Lakeside Congregation for Reform Judaism – increasing the team’s total donation to more than $3,000.

Thanks to Lucy Hoffman, Sara Hall, Bailey Weiss, and the whole Lakeside Team for putting together an exciting event and for your continuous support to Nothing But Nets!

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