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By: Elisabeth Clymer

Life-savers at the Elementary Level

June 8, 2017

Today is International Youth Day! Saving lives does not always require a CPR certification or medical degree. Whether you are 3 years old or 93 years old, anyone can fight malaria with Nothing But Nets by sending life-saving bed nets to families in sub-Saharan Africa. Teachers at Campbell Elementary School in Metuchen, New Jersey recognized the simplicity and importance of malaria prevention and decided that no person was too young to change the world.

Fourth grade teachers Alexandra Gonzalez and Julie Anderson wanted to expose students to the global community while teaching them the importance of service, so they chose to teach them about malaria prevention. Students exercised their:

  • research skills by learning more about African nations,
  • communication skills by building awareness tools such as a slogan, logo, banners, posters, flyers, letters, announcements, and even their own public service announcement, and,
  • fundraising skills by organizing a 3-day loose change collection and creating a competition between each class at their school to see who could raise the most change. 

These impressive students proved successful; they raised more than $3,000 – enough to protect 300 families from malaria! Way to go, Campbell Elementary! A special congratulations to Mrs. Gil’s 1st grade class, Mr. LoPresti’s 2nd grade class, Mrs. Salit’s 3rd grade class, and Mrs. Pata’s 4th grade class for being the top fundraisers in your grade level.

Are you a teacher, student, or parent interested in a multi-dimensional educational project for your students? Contact us and we can help you!

Go to school. Send a net. Save a life.

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