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By: Jerry

Lower Richland High School makes a group effort for nets!

June 20, 2017
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After raising money to purchase kites for village children in Afghanistan last year, the Model United Nations group at Lower Richland High School in Hopkins, SC, decided to collect money this year for mosquito nets to help prevent the spread of malaria and the deaths of children in parts of Africa. The group’s first step was raising awareness about malaria and malaria prevention. They made flyers that were posted throughout the school and made announcements to the student body describing the great need for bed nets.

During the big fund raising week, a competition was held between the first block classes as to which class would donate the most money, with the class raising the most winning a free breakfast. The winning class donated $75, and the total school contributions reached $600. The staff believes that great things come from Lower Richland High School and those who helped and donated money certainly prove this! Great work everyone!

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