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By: Emile Dawisha

Malaria Gamechangers, Part 3: Dual-Action Indoor Residual Spray

May 3, 2023
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Part 3 of our Malaria Gamechangers series (check out Episodes 1 and 2) highlights a next-generation indoor residual spraying (IRS) product, Envu’s Fludora® Fusion, that safely protects homes from malaria for up to one year and is proven effective against insecticide-resistant mosquitoes and on 33 different surfaces.

The WHO-prequalified product is the first IRS spray to combine two active ingredients, providing optimum effectiveness under conditions of insecticide resistance. Envu has piloted Fludora® Fusion in countries across Africa, Latin America, and southeast Asia.  

United to Beat Malaria’s Jonathan Kidwell interviewed Frédéric Schmitt, Envu’s Senior Global Project Leader, at the 2022 American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Annual Meeting in Seattle. You can watch the film and read the full interview below.

Mr. Kidwell: Frédéric, why is Fludora® Fusion a gamechanger in the fight to end malaria? 

Mr. Schmitt: Fludora® Fusion is a gamechanger in the fight against malaria because it’s the first ‘dual mode of action’ IRS that has been introduced so far, and especially in a timeframe where we have a lot of issues with resistance. So that’s really the element changing the game.

And we have been testing that product in more than 15 countries across Africa, challenging the product against different surfaces, in the range of resistant mosquitoes, also with different incorporators and applicators. And we’ve got tremendous good feedback about the performance of the product, the residual efficacy. So that really proves to be a good solution that brings value to our customers.

Mr. Kidwell: Where is Fludora® Fusion currently being piloted? 

Mr. Schmitt: As I said, we have been trying the product in over 15 countries in Africa, in the frame of developing the WHO [prequalification] dossier, and also adding much more information than this. That is probably the largest trial program ever done for the introduction of a new IRS. So that was in the development phase; and now in operational phases, the product has been used in northern Africa, central and eastern Africa … and we have really good feedback from our customers and partners about the product performance and efficacy.

And we also have been very glad to contribute to The Mentor Initiative and to partner with United to Beat Malaria, in these displacement camps in Nigeria’s Borno region.

That being said, we also have Fludora® Fusion being operationally applied in South and Central America, not only against malaria but also against Dengue diseases, and the same in some of the southeast Asian countries. 

Mr. Kidwell: What is the long-term goal for Fludora® Fusion and what are the potential roadblocks to achieving that goal? 

Mr. Schmitt: So Fludora® Fusion – we know it’s a good and performing product, but we also know that there’s a very quick evolutions of the mosquito and evolution of resistance. So we’re committed to continue developing solutions that bring value to our customers and partners, and that’s a key element for us. 

That being said, it’s always difficult developing new solutions. There are roadblocks, there are technical difficulties. But we have a lot of experience in that area, and we will continue to make innovations. We will continue to innovate with products like Fludora® Fusion, and you can watch this space – there will be some new tips coming in. 

We are committed to developing new solutions that will bring value to our partners and customers, and continue to help the fight against malaria.

Stay tuned as we highlight a new Malaria Gamechanger each week throughout May!

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