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By: Adrianna Logalbo

Malaria has met its match! Turn your $10 into $20

June 15, 2017
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One more week until it’s time to toast to the New Year – hasn’t 2009 been a great year? I think it has. But what’s making this year end so great is that we have some amazing support rolling in to help us reach our goal of sending 160,000 nets to refugees by 2010. This just in: a generous anonymous donor will match your gifts up to $200,000 to help us get to the finish line!

Inspired by Rick Reilly’s $25,000 match and the NBA Cares and HP special offer to give NBA game tickets to Nothing But Nets donors, our anonymous donor was eager to get in the game.  Within 24 hours, donors met Rick’s match. So $200,000 is nothing, right? We’re close to our goal — this is your chance to turn your $10 into $20! 

It’s never been this easy or this fun. Let’s say you give $10, the same amount you’d pay for lunch or a stocking stuffer. Then you get 2 complimentary NBA tickets, and then another Nothing But Nets supporter throws in their $10. That’s two lives saved just like that, all before you can print your NBA game tickets!

We’re talking a major case of pay it forward right now. It goes to show how every single person counts in the fight against malaria – including YOU. With all of us pitching in to send nets and save lives, malaria will meet its match … in us!

Send a net. Save a life. 

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