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By: Rachel Henderson

Mancheno Insurance Agency and Nationwide Insurance Join Nothing But Nets to Save Lives

June 8, 2017
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We have exciting news! Today, the California-based Mancheno Insurance Agency, a member of the Nationwide Insurance Independent channel, announced its partnership with Nothing But Nets to protect refugees from malaria. In forming the first insurance industry partnership with Nothing But Nets, Jorge Mancheno of Mancheno Insurance Agency was inspired by Golden State Warriors star and NBA MVP Stephen Curry, who is a long-time campaign champion.  

Today, there are more than 50 million refugees and families displaced by violence around the world – and 60 percent of them live in areas where malaria is transmitted. Malaria is a major threat to refugees – it is a leading cause of death in areas where Nothing But Nets works. This year, we launched The Million Nets Pledge to protect refugee families from malaria with one million bednets and other malaria interventions by 2016. 

Mancheno Insurance Agency is joining The Million Nets Pledge by donating three life-saving, insecticide-treated bednets to Nothing But Nets for every new homeowner policy sold during the year and their contributions will be matched by Nationwide Insurance. The partnership builds on one formed earlier this year with Nationwide Insurance matching Stephen Curry’s Three for Three Challenge for the 2014-2015 season.   

Mancheno Insurance Agency and Nationwide’s Western Regional Office (WRO) will save lives by joining The Million Nets Pledge. Their creativity is living proof that anyone can make a difference to help us protect refugees from malaria.

Anyone can join The Million Nets Pledge and help protect refugee families from malaria!

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