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By: Danielle Garrahan

Mann Elementary students still saving lives

June 16, 2017
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Our last day in Philadelphia started off with 120 enthusiastic students at Mann Elementary School.  A classroom at Mann Elementary raised funds for Nothing But Nets for two consecutive years. We definitely thought this was something worth recognizing.  Joining our Nothing But Nets team that morning was Minister Byrd, from the Mayor’s Office of Faith Based Initiatives, and Lynda Commale, one half of the mother-daughter team that raised $60,000 for bed nets over the last couple of years. 

After viewing a couple of malaria videos and listening to an informative malaria learning session with Adrianna Logalbo, our energetic group of 4th graders were called up on stage to receive a certificate of appreciation from our campaign, as well as a very warm hug from Lynda.

The students then broke into groups to learn more about malaria in four fun stations:  NETS basketball, Jeopardy, malaria skits, and drawing messages of hope.  As the students progressed through the stations, they gathered more and more information about malaria and how to get involved.  They demonstrated their knowledge of malaria facts, created letters and drawings to be sent over to Africa along with bed nets, and performed short skits to show how they would get the message out about malaria to other kids their age. 

We ended the morning with each student receiving wristbands and t-shirts.  The Nothing But Nets team was inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of the Mann Elementary students and hope they continue their great fund-raising efforts and staying involved in important global health issues.  

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