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By: Susannah Rosenblatt

Mary and Martha Brings the Fight Against Malaria to Your Living Room

June 8, 2017
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Watch or set your DVRs to 8pm ET/PT tonight, when HBO premieres the original film Mary and Martha, telling the emotional story of two mothers’ battle against malaria. Oscar winner Hilary Swank and Oscar nominee Brenda Blethyn star as Mary and Martha, two women who bond over their shared experience with the disease.

You can check out the trailer, or grab a peek behind the scenes!

The film was written by Richard Curtis, the screenwriter behind Four Weddings and a Funeral and Love Actually. Curtis was inspired by his work with the British charity Comic Relief, which he co-founded. Directed by Phillip Noyce, Mary and Martha draws in part on the true story of Jo Yirrell, who lost her son Harry to malaria and works on behalf of Malaria No More UK.

Important projects like this help bring the fight against malaria directly into people’s homes, spreading the word that every 60 seconds, a child dies from this preventable disease. Tune in and tell the world to watch by tweeting this:

#Malaria kills a child every 60 seconds, but you can help. Send a net + save a life today! #MaryandMartha    

Even better, join the fight against malaria yourself: For just $10, you can send a net and save a life

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